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The sport of All-Star Cheerleading has grown immensely from its roots over 20 years ago.  The hybrid sport of today is a combination of gymnastics, acrobatics, athletic dance, and many elements unique to All-Star.  TCA’s All-Star athlete can learn exciting skills in a fun, safe environment.

All-Star teams typically comprised 8-40 athletes with a variety of skills and abilities (much like a football or basketball team.) There can be solid, well-rounded athletes and those who have particularly strong abilities in certain areas. The coaches create a competition routine performed by the group that has elements of tumbling, stunting, jumping, dance, and other skills set to music.

Here at TCA, we offer Recreational Cheer classes, All-Star Prep, Youth, Junior, and Senior Programs.

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TCA’s tumbling curriculum is centered around a strong foundation with basic tumbling skills and drills. Using an array of apparatus’, floor basics, and trampolines to teach the athletes skills needed to move up from walkovers, air awareness, flic flacs, tucks and fulls.

Tumbling is a great program that both gymnasts and cheerleaders alike use to further their skill level in each sport.

TCA offers recreational tumbling classes for kids of all ages and all skill levels, if you can flip it, we can teach it!

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