About The Gym


TCA is the only gym in Southeast Texas that supports training all acro-sports under one roof. We pride ourselves on giving individual attention to every athlete that walks through our doors on day one. We believe that positivity produces progress and progress is key. Come see why we’re the fastest growing gym around, and join our TCA family today!

Owners, Kaden and Brandi, were brought together because of a shared passion to create a safe place for all children to feel special and unique through athletics. They combined their shared love of gymnastics, cheerleading and teaching children, with over 50 years of knowledge and experience in the sport to ensure TCA impacts the lives of countless children and families. From little ones working on eye-hand coordination, to seniors in high school perfecting their craft, we don’t just teach gymnastics and cheerleading – we instill life lessons.


  • Kaden

    Co-Owner, All-Star, & Competitive Gymnastics Coach
  • Brandi

    Co-Owner, All-Star, & Competitive Gymnastics Coach
  • Robin

    All-Star & Recreational Coach
  • Hunter

    Competitive Gymnastics Coach
  • Natasha

    Recreational Coach
  • Mckenna

    Competitive Gymnastics & Recreational Coach
  • Jaiden

    Recreational Coach
  • Brylee

    Recreational Coach
  • Sean

    Recreational Coach
  • Kaden Cheerleading Teacher In Vidor Near Me


    Recreational Coach
  • Kaden Cheerleading Teacher In Vidor Near Me


    All-Star Coach
  • Amanda

    Front Desk Guru

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